Enterprise Applications

AVOXVI brings a competitive advantage to global enterprises by providing innovative technology solutions for converging markets. From the outset, our focus has been to develop ingenious solutions that solve business problems while deriving measurable business value.

Proven Methodology

BWe provide wide array of software services using our time-tested and proven methodologies. Voxvi demonstrates value that is unique and consistent to all deliveries.

Technology Advantage

CAt VOXVI, we are pushing the envelope to provide innovative, value driven solutions to various enterprises by means of industry-leading tools and technology. Our objective is to ensure that the products of our clients have latest technology and access to reliable technical resources.

Leverage the Cloud

DKeeping in tune with the exponential growth in the closed- based applications, VOXVI offers mobile and software services – ensuring its customers assure ROI!



Subject to our client requirements, our approach is based on the two most successful methodologies behind software development – Agile & Waterfall. VOXVI houses a team that holds special expertise in both the methodologies. 


VOXVI ensures that their client’s products have a wider reach – as mobile Apps. We have expertise in developing mobile apps on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms. Ranging from enterprise application, product mobile extension or a self service portal, VOXVI has excelled in all. 


Deploy a robust unified messaging platform that addresses all your enterprise communication needs. Voxvi teams have deployed IP communication, email, instant messaging, VPNs, and other unified technologies while guarding all info security interests.